When I first visited this beautiful former farmhouse house in Rolleston on Dove near Burton, the owners had spent years lovingly renovating inside but the garden had barely been touched, and was massively overgrown, so much so that you couldn't actually see where the garden ended!


The brief was to create a meandering informal garden full of colour and life, as well as to create a substantial driveway area and patios. This was achieved with a combination of Peterborough gravel and timber beds, with patios in Monsoon sandstone paving with reclaimed brick edging salvaged from the property. A lovely cedar greenhouse has been installed near the kitchen with beds for herbs and veg.

To the upper part of the garden, there are a number of island beds will a mixture of shrub and herbaceous perennials around a large central lawn. There is also a woodland area that is filled with silver birch, hazel and a beautiful copper beech tree. . A burnt sugar tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) has been planted at the far end of the garden so that when it matures, the autumn foliage will fill the area with the smell of candy floss - a real treat for the children in the neighbouring school!

Having brought this house back to life, the garden is now a fitting framework to this lovely old building, and as it matures the hard work and investment of the clients will leave a legacy to the future of their village.

Informal sweeping borders flank a large lawn. Traditional Garden Design. Herbaceous Borders.




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Bespoke hand made gates, painted black, leading to a sandstone patio with greenhouse.
Restored farmhouse garden with a cedar greenhouse and vegetable garden. Traditional Garden Design Staffordshire
Old apple tree in the middle of the lawn of an informal cottage garden in Staffordshire
Rustic patio with a bespoke wooden gate create a secluded patio beside the house with a greenhouse and storage shed, plus vegetable plots.