For those of you who want to improve your garden yourselves but are a bit lost for ideas, I offer garden design workshops. Bookable as full or half day workshops, I will come to your home and work side by side with you to draw up some rough ideas of how to make the best of your garden. This is ideal for potential DIY projects, for new home owners who maybe feel a bit nervous about gardening or for those who maybe have a lot of ideas for their own garden but are unsure about how to piece it all together.

During the workshop we will cover:

Garden Design Basics
Simple principles that can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your garden.

Your soil and site conditions
Understanding what you are dealing with in terms of soil condition and light levels helps ensure you select the right types of plants for a greater chance of success.

Plant selection
Knowing what will grow, we will explore some of the plants that will feel right at home in your garden, and give you maximum satisfaction throughout the year.

Styles of garden
We will explore the different styles of garden and what tickles your fancy. We then look at how this might translate into your own garden.

Landscaping considerations
This will range from the types of materials available to you, to finding and appointing a contractor.

The aim of the workshop is to get you excited and involved with your garden and break the task of revamping your garden into manageable steps. It should be a fun experience, and is very interactive, with the aim of involving all the family to make the garden personal and relevant to you.

Your very own plan to keep

During the workshop I will sketch out ideas, and with your help draw up a very rough plan for your garden that you can take forward to put into action when you are ready. This is a really great way of creating a well designed garden on a budget.


A half day garden design workshop (approx 3 hours) - £135

Full day garden design workshop (approx 6 hours) - £250

Cost includes travel to gardens within a 10 mile radius of LE17 5EX. Workshops further than 10 miles will be charged for transport at prevailing rates.

Decide you want a full design service?

If after enjoying your workshop you decide you would like to commission me for a full design and project management service, 50% of the cost of the workshop will be deducted from your total design fee. You must commission CHGD within 30 days of the workshop to qualify for this reduction.